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The Cataclysmic Event of Our First Encounter with Intelligent Extraterrestrial Beings
High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator Apparatus utilizing a double-helix
(Updated 07/2015)
® non-invasive, electronic facelift treatment: Electrolift®
Keynote Address on Global Gravitational-Wave Communication
(Slideshow) "Our Mind Looks at Us" - the application of HFGW's to Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Aerospace High-frequency Gravitational Wave Applications
Layperson's Description of HFGWs
HFGW Overview Powerpoint Presentation
European Lecture at Max Planck Institute 2002

Astron Notes; GW Article
Moy-Baker Electrolift ® Nanobiotechnology & Nanomedicine (NanoBio), 2006 San Francisco Conference
Analysis of HFGW Generators' Power Requirements
AIP; HFGW Laser Generator
AIP; HFGW Nuclear Generator
AIP; HFGW Radiation Pattern
Analysis of HFGW Generators and Radiation Patterns
Li-Baker Detector EPJC Vol. 56, pp. 407-423(2008)
Li-Baker Detector PRD Vol. 80 pp. 064013-1-14 (2009)
Chinese Detector Patent
United States Patent 6784591
Robotic Sea-craft Micro-vehicles for Surveillance

Ecuadorian Air Force Aerospace Department Presentation 7-9-12
Dr. Baker's 1941 "Invention"
"For my Grandchildren"
"Bonnie's Left Toe"

Bibliography of Dr. Baker

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